About TPT

Transport Phenomena Technologies, LLC was spun out of Tufts University in October in 2017 by Professor Marc Hodes and Dr. Georgios Karamanis. Our seed funding up to then was provided by the State of Masschusetts’ Clean Energy Center through their Catalyst Program. We received a Phase I NSF SBIR Grant on June 15, 2018 to commercialize our first software product, a hybridization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), flow network modeling (FNM), and multi-variable optimization (MVO), coined CFM, to enable the simultaneous optimization of the fin geometries in an array of heat sinks.

TPT has also partnered with Helios Applied Science, who is developing a new class of extremely portable deployable structures that allows easier transportation and simplifies the deployment of large structures in, e.g., humanitarian disaster scenarios.

We also provide consulting services and short courses on thermal management.