Short Courses

We deliver short courses on all aspects of the thermal management of electronics on site and at relevant conferences. Please contact us if you have interest in us teaching a course tailored towards your needs.
  • Design and Optimization of Heat Sinks:
This course provides the audience with an understanding of heat sink design and optimization in the context of the thermal management of electronics. The course has two parts. The first part begins with an overview of common methods to manufacture heat sinks such as extrusion, die casting and forging, and discusses their advantages and disadvantages with respect to cost and fin geometry. Attention then shifts to the theory of spreading resistance and how it can be calculated in order to properly size the thicknesses of the bases of heat sinks. Next, the theory of the operation of heat pipes in tubular and flat (vapor chamber) configurations is presented along with their roles in smoothing out temperature gradients in the fins and bases of heat sinks. In the second part of the course, single-phase conjugate heat transfer, where conduction in the heat sink is coupled to convection in the coolant, i.e., air or water, flowing through the heat sink is highlighted. We discuss why the constant heat transfer coefficient assumption tends to be an invalid one in real heat sinks by using specific examples. Then, the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to compute conjugate Nusselt numbers is considered. Next, we discuss how to embed pre-computed CFD results for conjugate Nusselt numbers and dimensionless flow resistances for heat sinks in flow network models (FNMs) of circuit packs such as blade servers. Finally, a case study is presented where the fin height, length, spacing and thickness for an array of longitudinal-fin heat sinks are simultaneously optimized by embedding the FNM representation of the circuit pack in a multi-variable optimization scheme.

Presented at:
SEMI-THERM 35, San Jose, CA, 2019.
Co-located IEEE ECTC and ITher Conference, San Diego, CA, 2018.