Transport Phenomena Technologies, LLC was spun out of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University in October in 2017 by Professor Marc Hodes and Dr. Georgios Karamanis. Our seed funding up to then was provided by the State of Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Center Catalyst Program. We received our Phase I NSF SBIR grant in June of 2018 commercialize our first software product, a hybridization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), flow network modeling (FNM), and multi-variable optimization (MVO), coined CFM, to enable the simultaneous optimization of the fin geometries in an array of heat sinks. Presently, CFM is transitioning into a general-purpose heat sink optimization algorithm which incorporates hardware in the loop to optimize the geometry and layout of an array of heat sinks in telecommunications, computing and defense hardware. We received a second round of funding from the Catalyst Program in 2019 to develop compliant vapor chambers to eliminate thick thermal interface materials (TIMs) in the form of gap fillers and thermal grease from telecommunications, computing and defense hardware.

TPT also provides FEA/CFD modeling and consulting services, including expert declarations and depositions, on all aspects of momentum/heat/mass transport phenomena.

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