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Meet The Team

Georgios Karamanis, PhD Co-Founder and Chief Engineer He received his MS and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. He has expertise in analytical, numerical and experimental techniques relevant to convective transport. He also is well versed in machining, electronics and the use of high-performance computing. He is the PI on the Phase I NSF SBIR grant and on the State of MA Clean Energy Catalyst grant awarded to TPT. Dr. Karamanis teaches the course Simulations for Mechanical Engineers at Tufts University and has 10 archival journal publications in the area of transport phenomena. He may be contacted at

Marc Hodes, PhD Co-Founder and CTO Marc also maintains a full time appointment as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University in Medford, MA. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the thermal management of electronics. This began in 1990 at the University of Minnesota, where he worked under Professor Avram Bar-Cohen on gas-assisted evaporative cooling (GAEC) of microelectronics as it related to the design of the Cray III supercomputer. From 2008 to 2018 he held a succession of appointments from Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff to People Manager of a thermal management research group at Bell Laboratories, a subsidiary of Alcatel Lucent, now owned by Nokia. A myriad of projects related to, e.g., low thermal resistance mechanical substitutes for elastomeric gap fillers, low-power thermoelectric-based precision temperature control of photonics components and “three-dimensional” heat sinks enabled by novel manufacturing process were undertaken. Since joining Tufts University he has continued research in the thermal management area on, e.g., liquid metal cooling of microelectronics, enhanced microchannel cooling using superhydrophobic surfaces and variable conductance heat pipes. His work at Tufts has been funded by government (NSF, DARPA, DoE, etc.) and industry (Google, Huawei, etc.). He is currently the principal investigator on a major grant from the scalable nanomanufacturing program at NSF to reduce the cost associated with super-insulation in the form of aerogels. He has published over 50 archival journal articles in the area of transport phenomena and has 15 issued US patents in this field. He may be contacted at

Alfram Bright, PhD Mechanical Engineer

Andrew Voss Mechanical Engineer & Safety Officer

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